Can You Get Collagen From Plants?

Don’t want to read the whole post?While plants don’t contain collagen, they offer nutrients like vitamin C and amino acids that are essential for your body to produce its own collagen. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seeds can help maintain healthy skin and joints on a plant-based diet. You’ll also love:Glow Up or […]

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Blueberry Matcha Latte (Vegan)

Turn ‘healthy’ green matcha tea into a beautiful three-layered blueberry matcha latte instead.  It pleases your eyes, your skin and your tastebuds! Meet Sarah, a hardworking entrepreneur who runs her own eco-conscious fashion line. Juggling between designing, sourcing, marketing, and administrative tasks, Sarah’s days are bustling with endless to-dos. In her relentless hustle, one thing

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Minimising Melasma: Your Guide to a Melasma Diet Plan

Creating Your Personal Melasma Diet PlanEmbrace a plant-based diet rich in citrus fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and foods high in Omega-3s to naturally manage melasma. Avoid spicy foods, fast foods, and dairy, which can potentially disrupt hormonal balance and worsen skin conditions. Have you read?Nourishing Your Legs: The Best Diet for Varicose VeinsFeasting

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