Eating More to Weigh Less: Fruity Freedom


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Contrary to popular belief, eating fruit doesn’t make you gain weight, even with their sugar content. In fact, incorporating fruit into your daily diet can support your weight loss goals.

Studies reveal that even consuming even up to twenty servings of fruit a day doesn’t result in weight gain or spiked insulin levels. Enjoy your favourite fruits in moderation as part of a balanced diet, and let them aid you in your health goals.


Be beauty. Be plant-based!

As a former Registered Nurse and avid plant-muncher, I’m in love with how simple plant-based foods make it so easy to be beautiful.

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Caught in the thrumming heart of the city’s biggest supermarket, Emma stood petrified. Rows upon rows of gleaming, colourful fruits stared back at her. Bright orange, yellow, red and green. Here she was, an epitome of health and fitness, a woman always up for wellness exploration and surrounded by nature’s abundance, yet is paralysed by her fear of fruits.

Emma had spent most of her adult life in a tug of war with her weight. She had tried every diet under the sun – the soup diet, the raw food diet, even the ‘no anything fun’ diet. Each plan came with its own restrictions and rules, but there was one common enemy – sugar.


This had led Emma to dread the very sight of anything that contained sugar, including the colourful, juicy fruits that she once loved as a child. Every time she passed the produce section at the grocery store, her heart would flutter at the sight of bright apples, succulent pears, and glossy oranges. But then her mind would remind her of the ‘evil’ sugar they contained, and she would quickly move towards the kale and broccoli instead.

One afternoon as she was strolling down a supermarket aisle, Emma reluctantly tossed an apple back into its pile. A fellow shopper commented, “You know, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Emma just smiled and replied, “But it also keeps my weight at bay.” She walked away, leaving the stranger puzzled and the apple behind.

But that night, Emma couldn’t help but wonder – was she really right? Or had her fear of sugar been depriving her of enjoying these natural delights? Could there be a world where she could eat the fruits she loved without her weight skyrocketing?

And thus, Emma decided to seek out answers. She dove into research, poured over studies, and the more she read, the more she realised that her fear of fruit may have been misguided all along. What she discovered next completely changed her approach towards fruits and her weight loss journey…

Fruit Feast for Fat-Loss

In a not-so-far-off land of nutrition science, a curious experiment was set in motion. A band of bold, weight-conscious women were introduced to a tantalising proposition: “What if you incorporated an extra trio of succulent apples or ripe pears into your daily diet? Treat them as tasty treasures during your snack times.”


Over a course of ten adventurous weeks, these brave gastronomical explorers charted a path through an orchard of 210 additional fruits. Now, if you were the type to judge a book by its cover, you’d be thinking, “Hello, weight gain!” But prepare to have your expectations flipped!

Bucking conventional wisdom, our daring ladies didn’t swell up to resemble human-sized pears or apples. On the contrary, they slimmed down! 

The ladies who embraced the pear protocol shed an average of 0.84 kg (1.85 lbs).

Meanwhile the apple aficionados topped them slightly with a weight loss average of 0.93 kg (2 lbs). This little adventure in dietary science proves that fruits, when enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, can contribute to weight loss, not gain.

Seriously, how much fruit can you eat?

Now that we know that fruits are indeed allies, not enemies, in our weight loss crusade, a new question looms: Just how many fruity delights can we indulge in without the cloud of weight gain looming over us? Before we open this Pandora’s box, let’s agree on some fruit lingo. A serving of fruit equals one medium-sized fruit or 120 grams in the fresh form, or for the dried variety, it’s a modest 40 grams.


You might reckon that gobbling up five or maybe ten pieces of fruit would have you teetering on the brink of weight gain. Think again! The world of nutritional research presents a delicious twist to this tale.

In a mind-boggling study, a band of fruit-loving men and women chomped down on fourteen servings of fruit (in the form of dried figs) every day for five weeks. And their weight at the end of this fruity fiesta? Steady as a rock. Not an ounce gained.

But why stop at fourteen? Why not push the fruit frontier a bit further? In a daring dietary experiment, seventeen audacious souls embarked on a twelve-week journey, consuming an awe-inspiring twenty servings of fruit each day. To put this in perspective, the sugar content matches that of eight fizzy soda drinks. Surely, with such a torrent of sweetness, we’re talking major weight gain, right? Brace yourselves for the twist: No weight was gained! And just to pile on the surprise, their insulin levels didn’t spike either.

It appears we may have been fearing the fruit sugar for no reason at all. But remember, while these results are indeed exciting, individual responses can vary, and balance remains a crucial aspect of a healthy diet. Let these studies serve as inspiration, not prescription, on your path to a healthier you. Enjoy the journey!


As we close the curtain on this fruity tale, let’s remember our brave protagonist, Emma, who boldly ventured into the produce aisle and came out a winner. It’s time we all give a hearty applause to the unsung heroes of our dietary saga – apples, pears, oranges, and all the other members of the fruit family!


Say it with me now: Fruit is our friend! This plucky group of natural delights is not out to sabotage our weight loss journey but to enhance it. Who’d have thought that you could chomp down on a small orchard’s worth of fruit every day and still not tip the scale? (Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get the point!)

So the next time you’re wandering the supermarket aisles or strolling through a farmers’ market, don’t sidestep the fruit stand. Go ahead, pick up that apple or pear, and bite into its sweet, juicy goodness without a shred of guilt.

Remember, every fruit you eat is a sweet victory over weight gain and a triumph for your health. So, eat that apple, enjoy that orange, relish that pear, and feel good about your choices. Because the path to wellness isn’t about restriction – it’s about nourishment, enjoyment, and balance.

Fruit-lovers of the world, unite! Let’s make our weight loss journey a fruitful one!


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Every woman’s skin and health can benefit by eating some more plants! I want to help you embrace the power of plant-based foods in simple and easy ways, so that you can lead a more beautiful life!

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