Can You Freeze Oat Milk? Yes, and Here’s How!

can you freeze oat milk - jar of oat mik

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Yes, you can freeze oat milk, but there are some things to be aware of. Freezing can change its creamy texture, but a good shake after thawing usually brings it back to life.


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Hello, beautiful soul! Today, we’re diving into the topic can you freeze oat milk? With our busy lives, it’s essential to find ways to make our plant-based journey more straightforward without compromising on health and beauty.

Best Way to Store Oat Milk: Can You Freeze It?

So, can you freeze oat milk? The quick answer is yes, you can. But before you go tossing your carton into the freezer, there are some important things you need to know. Freezing oat milk can alter its creamy texture. 

Don’t worry, though! A good shake can usually get it back to its original glory. Understanding the freezing process and how it affects the oat milk is key to ensuring you still enjoy your chilled drink or morning smoothie.

Smoothie with oat milk

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into whether oat milk is still good after being frozen, how to freeze it in ice cube trays for your morning coffee, and why some store-bought oat milk advises against freezing.

Is Oat Milk Still Good After Being Frozen?

After freezing oat milk, you might notice some changes. The texture may not be as creamy as it once was. But that doesn’t mean your frozen oat milk is no good. In fact, a good shake can help bring it back to its original form. Remember to check the expiration date on the carton before you freeze it. If your oat milk is fresh when you freeze it, it will still be good when you thaw it out later.

Can You Freeze Oat Milk for Ice Cubes?

Great news! You can absolutely freeze oat milk in ice cube trays. These oat milk ice cubes make for an excellent addition to your morning coffee or a chilled smoothie. Just pour the oat milk into ice cube trays and let them freeze. Once they’re frozen, you can transfer them into a freezer-safe container to keep them fresh. It’s a convenient way to have oat milk ready for quick use, especially when you’re rushing through a busy morning.

Can you freeze oat milk - icecube tray with oat milk

Why Does The Label Say “Do Not Freeze”?

You may have noticed that some store-bought oat milk has a label that says “Do Not Freeze.” This can be confusing, especially when you’re trying to store it for longer periods. The main reason behind this warning is the change in creamy texture that can happen during the freezing process. Some brands think that this change doesn’t show off their product at its best. So, they recommend against freezing to ensure you get the best experience with their oat milk.

Alternatives for Freezing

If you’re not sold on the idea of freezing oat milk, there are other types of milk you can consider. Coconut milk generally freezes well, retaining much of their original texture and flavour. Almond milk and soy milk are also good options for freezing. Just like with oat milk, it’s a great idea to give these milk alternatives a good shake after thawing for best results. But remember, the process might vary slightly depending on the brand and whether the milk is homemade or store-bought.

Coconut milk

How to Freeze Your Own Oat Milk

If you’re a fan of making your own oat milk at home, you’re in for a treat. Homemade oat milk is a great way to control the quality and flavour, making it a perfect candidate for freezing. To freeze your own oat milk, simply pour it into an airtight container or a freezer-safe container. Make sure to leave some space at the top of the container for expansion as it freezes. Seal it up tight and place it in the freezer. Doing this ensures you get the best results when you decide to use it later.

Thawing Your Oat Milk

When it’s time to use your frozen oat milk, the key is to bring it back to room temperature safely. You can do this by moving the airtight or freezer-safe container from the freezer to the fridge. It’s best to let it thaw slowly, so give it enough time. Once it’s thawed, you may notice that the creamy texture has changed a bit. Just give it a good shake to mix everything back together, and you’re all set for a tasty drink or recipe addition.

Pro Tips for Freezing Oat Milk

If you’ve got this freezing thing down, here are some extra tips to make it even better. For the freshest taste, use freezer-safe bottles to store your oat milk. Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, fresh oat milk is always the best option to freeze. Freezing it this way gives you an easy, go-to option that’s just as convenient as dairy milk but aligns with your plant-based lifestyle.


So there you have it, beautiful souls! Freezing oat milk is not only possible but also a practical way to extend its life and make your busy days a little easier. The key is to be mindful of the changes in texture and to give it a good shake after thawing. Go ahead and experiment to find your own perfect method for freezing and using oat milk.


How long will oat milk last in the fridge?

Oat milk typically lasts for about 7-10 days in the fridge after opening. For the best quality, try to use it within this time frame.

Can plant-based milk be frozen?

Yes, most plant-based milk alternatives, including oat milk, can be frozen. The process is usually quite simple. You can freeze them in airtight containers, glass jars, or even in a freezer bag.

Is there anything wrong with oat milk?

Oat milk is generally a good option for a plant-based milk alternative. However, its texture can change when frozen and thawed. A simple process like giving your thawed oat milk a good shake can usually restore it to a drinkable state.

Why is oat milk healthier than cow milk?

Oat milk often contains fewer calories and less saturated fat than cow’s milk. It also has natural sweetness, which can make it a good option for those watching their sugar intake. In terms of nutritional value, oat milk is a solid plant-based choice.

What’s the healthiest milk to drink?

The “healthiest” type of milk can vary depending on your nutritional needs and preferences. However, oat milk offers a good balance of nutrients and is low in sugar and fat, making it a strong contender. 

Can I make frozen cubes of oat milk?

Yes, you can pour oat milk into ice cube trays and freeze them. These frozen cubes can be a convenient addition to your morning coffee or smoothies.

How do I ensure the best quality when freezing oat milk?

For the best results, use oat milk within a few days of opening it. Pour it into an airtight container or glass jars, leaving some space at the top for expansion, and then freeze.

Does freezing affect the nutritional value of oat milk?

Freezing oat milk does not significantly affect its nutritional value. However, the texture may change, so it’s recommended to give your thawed oat milk a good shake before using.

How do I store thawed oat milk?

Once you’ve thawed your oat milk, it’s best to keep it in the fridge and use it within a few days. You can transfer it from a freezer bag to a container if you wish.

Can I refreeze oat milk?

It’s generally not advised to refreeze oat milk once it’s been thawed to ensure the best quality and safety.